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Thai Massage

A Thai massage is a traditional form of therapy that has its roots in Thailand. It combines acupressure, yoga, and stretching techniques to ease muscle tension and boost blood flow.

With the help of their hands, knees, feet, and legs, the therapist applies pressure on particular parts of the body, leaving you feeling calm and invigorated.

Swedish Massage

The most commonly sought-after type of massage in Long Beach is Swedish massage. It consists of long, kneading, and circular strokes targeting the surface muscles to promote relaxation and body revitalization.

The massage therapist aims to provide overall relaxation and improve circulation by targeting specific areas of tension.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a type of massage that is designed specifically for pregnant women to help alleviate muscle and joint pain, reduce anxiety, and improve overall well-being.

The massage is gentle and the therapist provides careful attention to the needs and safety of both the mother and the baby. To ensure comfort, pillows, and cushions are used to provide comfortable positions during the massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic massage that involves slow strokes and deep pressure techniques on the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, and connective tissue.

It is often used for chronic pain, contracted muscles, and injury rehabilitation. The therapist applies firm pressure to release tension and help you achieve better posture, mobility, and flexibility.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is an effective way to improve athletic performance and prevent injury. It involves a combination of stretching, deep tissue massage, and trigger point therapy to help athletes prepare for and recover from physical activity.

The therapist targets particular body parts that are more susceptible to getting injured, such as shoulders, knees, and hips.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese therapy that involves finger pressure on specific points on the body to balance the flow of energy. Shiatsu massage aims to improve the body’s natural healing abilities and promote overall well-being.

The therapist applies pressure to specific areas of tension using their fingers, thumbs, palms, and elbows to bring balance to the body.

CBD Massage

CBD massage is a new and innovative technique that involves the use of cannabidiol (CBD) oil as a massage lotion.

The therapist uses CBD oil to massage your muscles and joints, which can help relieve chronic pain due to its anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties. After your massage, you should feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Hot Stone Massage

Stone massage, which is also referred to as hot stone massage, is a technique that uses heated, smooth stones to massage the body.

The therapist places the stones on specific areas of the body to release tension and enhance circulation. The warmth from the stones induces a state of relaxation and aids in reaching a deeper level of calmness.

Cupping Massage

Cupping massage is a method that employs suction cups to aid in the relaxation of muscles and the promotion of blood flow.

The therapist places the cups on particular parts of your body and applies suction to generate a vacuum. This method promotes the elimination of toxins and enhances your circulation, resulting in you feeling refreshed and calm.

Body Scrub

Body scrub is an age-old therapy used to exfoliate dead skin cells and promote healthy, radiant-looking skin. For a body scrub, a therapist will apply a scrub with coarse granules on your skin and massage it with gentle circular motions.

This will improve blood flow and bring nutrients to the surface of your skin. Body scrubbing is also known to increase collagen production, reduce acne scars, and smooth rough patches. Ultimately, this treatment will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with radiant skin.


Facial massage has been practiced for centuries and is known to have numerous benefits. Apart from improving the appearance and texture of the skin, it also helps in reducing stress, tension and improves blood circulation in the face. Regular facial massages can help prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing by improving the elasticity of the skin.

Certain techniques used in facial massage can also help to drain the lymphatic system, further promoting detoxification and reducing puffiness in the face. Additionally, facial massage helps to stimulate the production of collagen, which is essential for healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Overall, facial massage is a great way to pamper yourself while improving the health and appearance of your skin.

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